Friday, 1 November 2019

What is Hand Scraped Wood Flooring?

Hand Engineered flooring is a type of hardwood flooring which has additional definition and texture added the surface. The planks of flooring have been made the same manner as every other hardwood floors. Then the surface has been scraped, by hand before the boards are finished with oil or lacquer. If you choose this type of flooring, you will notice that no two planks will be the exact same. This is because every plank has been individually hand scraped and finished.

Why should I select hand scraped hardwood flooring?

If you're looking for flooring that's somewhat different that adds warmth, character and a rustic appeal, then hand scraped is also a superb option. It is possible to locate this specific sort of floors in various board widths, lengths and thickness, so make sure you select something that will match your area. What's more, hand scraped floors is generally made kind Oak. This really is the most frequent species of wood used for floors. But many have experienced color stains added so you will discover a broad assortment of colors to pick from.

Engineered hardwood floors is the best fit for almost any home, particularly if you're searching for a floor having a rustic charm and extra character.

Where do I utilize hand scraped wood flooring?

You can use wood in exactly the exact same way as normal hardwood floors. It is only the surface of the floor that looks and feels different. So, in case you have engineered hand scraped hardwood you can float over an underlay or glue it down into the subfloor. It is also good to remember that engineered timber may be used with underfloor heating and in conservatories. Alternatively, when you've strong hand scraped wooden flooring you must mend it down to the subfloor for stability.

How do I look after hand scarped hardwood flooring?

You'll discover hand scraped floors really easy to look after. All you will need to do is sweep away dirt and dust on a daily basis and clean using a wood flooring cleaning solution if needed.

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